San Francisco City Hall Photography

This amazing location is one of my favorites, I have photographed many couples from all over the world in and around this beautiful building. If you are planning a small elopement or a larger family affair I can create lasting images for your special day. I arrive before you to meet you in front, can walk you through the check in process, serve witness if needed and guide you around the building and many amazing locations around San Francisco. The design of City Hall lends its self to dramatic wide shots as well as more intimate close up images.


Peek Inside City Hall

1st floor

The beginning and end to your photographic story.  Walking in you are greeted by the grand staircase. This is a good time to rally your guests and take a moment in one of the open rooms housing art and displays.  The grand staircase is usually a very busy spot but with some patience and creativity from your photographer we will get  wonderfully iconic staircase images. Of course your story wouldn't be complete without images of the newly married couple in front of this historic building.


2nd Floor

This is where the action is. The top of the grand staircase looking across the rotunda to the mayors balcony.  The two most popular spots for ceremonies are the top of the stairs at the rotunda and the mayors balcony.    


3rd  Floor

The soft light that spills in from the ornate windows  lends itself to more intimate portraits and reflective moments.  


4th Floor

One of the most beautiful floors with curving architecture near the top of the dome. The long open walkways are separated by the view of the interior of city hall. You can see across the building , the grand staircase and the balconies.  the 4th floor is filled with light from the large ornate windows that supply the majority of the natural light for the entire building. This is a excellent spot for large groups with reservations or if you have your own officiant.


Out in the Wild.

There are many amazing locations outside of City hall that have amazing and famous backdrops.  We can easily add on a stops at any number beautiful locations around this amazing city.

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