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Headshots of Silicon Valley

Onsite Portrait Service

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Studio Look

Our mobile studio includes a backdrop allows us too quickly set up at your location with soft enveloping portrait lighting  The studio option has a white, black, grey or composite backdrops. The white background is is the most flexible for accommodating photo editing and multiple uses. The black background is less versatile but more "dramatic."  All the resulting images are sharp, color balanced and ready to use in any campaign for web or print.

Establishing Shot

Establishing shots are designed to quickly present you in your professional environment as you wish to portray it. Establishing shots are more journalistic in presentaion. They are created from a careful selection using your location or using combined digital images to create a composite image. Establishing shots are not only excellent visual communicators at the company level but also for business groups and departments.

Outdoor Look

Outdoor locations  place you in a setting that is relevant for the purposes of your headshot with production qualities equal to a studio with the transport and setup of mobile studio lighting modification equipment. The result is a more casual setting but with a high production value allowing use for web or print.

Aaron Hall



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